ADTI's mission is to offer its Individuals with Differing Abilities (Intellectual Disabilities) opportunities to maximize their self-esteem, dignity and independence. ADTI's goal is to enable them to discover, develop and express their optimal creative and artistic potentials and to be recognized and appreciated by the community and society. ADTI believes that Individuals with Differing Abilities are highly evolved teachers and that creativity is a Divine gift, given as a birth right to each one of us. ADTI tirelessly nurtures their creativity and shares their special gifts with others through the concerts of the Moroccan Ensemble and Inspirational Choir, and plays by the Enchanted Playhouse Puppet Theatre and the Therapeutic Noh TheaterĀ® performances by Masquer Theatre Company. Most importantly, ADTI aims to change the attitudes of others in society, to value the Individuals with Differing Abilities as our teachers of patience, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love.              Dr. Do & Dr. Sky

The Art and Drama Therapy Institute, Inc. (ADTI)

ADTI has over 21 years of experience in providing Therapeutic Day Treatment Services for Individuals with Differing Abilities ages 18 and older. The Performing Arts of music has been conceived, founded, developed and produced by Dr. Do. Whereas the performing arts of theater, especially Therapeutic Noh TheaterĀ® has been conceived, developed, dramatized, produced, directed, costumes, choreographed and chanting composed by Dr. Sky.
       When DC Medicaid failed to satisfy the national standards of Medicaid for Day Treatment Services, the Federal Government evoked and abolished the said DC services, which adversely impacted ADTI; this has forced ADTI to discontinue its Day Treatment services.
      Hence, effective April 1, 2013, the Waiver Services have been reactivated in their entirety, including also, for the first time, Day Habilitation services. The Waiver Services continue to provide Supported Employment and once the rules are out, Employment Readiness services. The Professional Services of the creative arts therapies will be reactivated, as well as Wellness Services to include fitness, nutrition and bereavement. . More about ADTI

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The Art and Drama Therapy Institute, Inc. is a non-residential program. With progressive programs continually being developed to promote well-being and health related services, individuals with intellectual disabilities experience an array of treatments infused with art, drama, dance and music. These planned programs offer group sessions that teach daily living skills, behavioral management techniques and on-the-job training.Experience our studios now

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Please contact ADTI's case coordinators at (202) 635 - 1576 for Further Information
ADTI Choir

ADTI Choir

The ADTI Inspirational Choir and Moroccan Ensemble are comprised of individuals with intellectual disabilities that have performed at world renown venues such as the Kennedy Center, etc. In 2005 they received a nod from the Grammy Association and are currently working with a Grammy winning producer.

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