Sammy Davis, Jr. Music Studio Keiko komatsubara Noh Stage
Dr. Arditti Library Executive Suite
Florence Cane Art Therapy Studio Liliokalani Hawaii Studio Dave Ehrenfried 50's Diner  Lionel Weaving and Sewing Studio
Dave Ehrenfried 50's Diner Mae Hopkins Blue Studio Supported Employment Studio Green Room Studios
Rainbow Studio Sacagawea Native American Studio Sammy Davis, Jr. Music Studio Sammy Davis, Jr. Music Studio
Sammy Davis, Jr. Music Studio Walter Pritchard Theater Entrance to the Liliokalani Hawaii Studio Albert Einstein Studio
Brown Studio Red Room Walter Pritchard Theater Rose Room

Treatment Rooms

Albert Einstein Studio

Named after the scientist who, though known for his genius, also had his share of handicaps. This fact is used to encourage Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who prepare a quarterly newsletter in this studio.

Brown Studio

Brown helps Individuals find their way to the studio. Individuals who cannot read can identify their room by the brown door. Brown represents wholesomeness, earthiness and simplicity

Dave Ehrenfried 50’s Diner

Named after Dave Ehrenfried, the first contractor who renovated the facility from a bakery warehouse to what it is today, The Art and Drama Therapy Institute, Inc. The diner is a fun place complete with 50’s artifacts and a jukebox where clients of the institute enjoy their daily meals.

Florence Cane Art Therapy Studio

The studio is named after Florence Cane, who Dr. Sky considers to be the founder and pioneer of transpersonal art and Transpersonal Art Therapy.

Green Studios 1, 2 and 3

The color green helps the individuals to be centered, calm and receptive to learning; less combative.

Imperial Lounge

In keeping with ADTI's mission to provide beautiful and culturally diverse surroundings for the individuals’ enjoyment, this lounge boasts an eclectic array of antiques and art, including a Russian sofa, Indonesian sculpture and an antique chest and screen from China.

Keiko Komatsubara Noh Stage

This traditional Japanese Noh Stage was named after a gracious Japanese lady, the late Keiko Komatsubara, who suffered from muscular atrophy. Though wheelchair bound, Ms. Komatsubara efforts enabled Dr. Sky to find her first sensei (teacher) of Noh Theater and study with him in Kyoto, Japan in 1988 and 1989. She has since studied Noh Theater also in Nara, Matsuyama and Tokyo.

Liliokalani Hawaii Studio

The late Queen was the last reigning monarch of Hawaii. Dr. Do and Dr. Sky wanted to share with the Individuals the experiences they had during their trip to Hawaii and further share what they learned about the history and the journey of the Queen.

Mae Hopkins Blue Studio

A mentor who was responsible for inspiring Dr. Do to continue her work with the Intellectual Disabled in Washington, DC - Ms. Hopkins was Dr. Do's first supervisor at the District of Columbia's Department of Disability Services' facility, Forest Haven.

Rainbow Studio

Rainbow colors symbolize the eclectic combination of the staff and Individuals at ADTI. It was dedicated to Dr. Angela D. Ferguson, a renowned researcher in the area of sickle cell anemia. In addition, she was instrumental in establishing the Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C., as well as its other facilities. Dr. Ferguson's daughter is part of the ADTI family.

Sacagawea Native American Studio

Dedicated to Sacagawea, a pioneer Native American Shoshone woman who served as interpreter and guide for the Lewis & Clark expedition and to Dr. Do's own Native American ancestry is shared in this studio.

Supported Employment Studio

Individuals study in this room as well as train for work readiness and work in the community.

Sammy Davis, Jr. Music Studio

Named after the legendary Sammy Davis, Jr., a personal friend of Dr. Do. In a fateful gesture, Sammy Davis, Jr. sponsored Dr. Do’s (at the time, a recent college graduate) flight to England where she met Dr. Sky in 1972, setting them on the course that eventually led to the creation of ADTI.

Walter Pritchard Theater

The first landlord of the warehouse that became the ADTI facility.