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Therapeautic Noh Theater ®

Therapeutic Noh Theater®, a form of transpersonal drama therapy developed over 40 years, synthesizes ancient theater, rituals, mythology and spiritual traditions of Japan, Finland and other wisdom traditions together with contemporary theater and healing practices to produce catharsis, positive change, personal and transpersonal growth and healing. The aims of Therapeutic Noh Theater® are to teach discipline and self-control of one’s physical self and stillness of one’s mind, and expansion of one’s awareness through connecting and communicating with the audience.

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Therapeutic Noh Theater® culminates in theater productions, which consist of ancient music and chanting, basic and expressive meditative dance and movement forms, and mime. The productions and public performances utilize glamorous costumes, fans and masks and offer multi-level experiences to its audiences ranging from visual to auditory and from personal level experiences to transpersonal ones. It aims to touch deeply not only its participating actors but also its viewing audiences.

Dr. Sky Dr. Sky Ph.D., Ed.D., RDT-BCT, ATR-BC, MT, BCPC, LPC, REAT has studied Noh chanting and dancing in Kyoto, Nara, and Fukuyama, Japan. However, her first exposure to the Classic Noh Theater took place in Helsinki, Finland in 1967 when a Japanese Noh Theater Ensemble visited Helsinki for the first time. Japanese Noh Theater sparked her imagination and creativity to develop and apply Noh Theater in Western Therapeutic Theater context. Thus, Dr. Sky is the Creator, Developer and the Master Teacher of NohKiDo®, Therapeutic Noh Theater®, and SohKiDo®. Request more information at Illmatar Institute.

ADTI Inspirational Choir and Morrocan Ensemble
Getting to the Grammy's

In 2001 Dr. M. “Muggy Do” Dickinson, CEO and cofounder, founded the Art and Drama Therapy Institute, Inc. (ADTI) Inspirational Choir and Moroccan Ensemble. The group consists of adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Many of the Individuals had seen the Grammy’s on TV the night before and questioned, as to why they could not perform at the Grammy’s. It gave Dr. Do the passion to pursue a Grammy on their behalf.
The impact of ADTI’s community performances on a variety of audiences, such as lawyers, administrators, and other government officials has been remarkable. They have been observed to react, after their initial surprise regarding the quality of the performance, by dropping their proper professional public presentation and begin to dance and clap their hands to the music. They have been impressed with the harmonious togetherness and the overt joy and pride of the performers. The memorization of the lyrics for the songs, their manners and their artistic looks in their robes and Moroccan style performance attires are also said to be impressive.
It has also been observed how some seniors with severe arthritis (they have shared it afterwards), forget their pain for a moment, stand up and begin to dance and move to the music listening with joy and energy “jamming.”

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On occasion, some audience members have jumped up from their chairs and join the choir on stage. Thus the boundary between the audience and the performers no longer exists, they have become one. To forget the physical pain and illness, even for just a moment, is a gift gratefully received.
 Both the Choir and the Ensemble have been performing for DC and Federal Government agencies, churches, senior centers, schools, parents and other family members, and peers with Intellectual Disabilities as well as their staff. Their annual memorial performances dedicated to the late Sammy Davis Jr. have taken place almost for one decade at the historic Lincoln Theatre for sold-out audiences demonstrating community inclusion.
To date an original song Let Us Fly CD has been composed and performed. They received submission for nomination for a Grammy for their CD. Subsequently they won a Wammie, a Washington Music Award, for their CD in 2007.

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